Hanoi Coffee Tour

Being the second largest coffee producer in the world, Vietnam, needless to say, is so famous for having unique tastes of coffee that attracts numerous foreigners coming to enjoy. Especially in Hanoi, the old charming and tranquil capital city which still has many old coffee shops together with those modern styled ones like today. Yet they do appeal visitors to take a seat and drink a cup of authentic Hanoi coffee, so peacefully and specially. These below are some of the best coffee shops in Hanoi that we would highly recommend whenever you have a trip to Hanoi so that you can plan your Hanoi coffee tour to taste authentic Vietnamese coffee.

giang cafe hanoi

Giang Café – 39 Nguyen Huu Huan street.

If you have ever heard “Egg Coffee”, you should know about this place. Considered as the first place to make egg coffee in Hanoi, Giang Coffee has lived in hearts of Hanoi people for decades. Humbly hidden on a small lane on Nguyen Huu Huan Street in Hanoi Old Quarter, Giang Café might be difficult for tourists to look for but then it is definitely worth an experience. Despite the fact that the bistro has been migrated twice, its egg espresso formula is nearly the same as in its initial days, with its central fixings being chicken egg yolk, Vietnamese espresso powder, sweetened dense drain, margarine and cheddar. The espresso is prepared in a little glass with a channel before the expansion of an all around whisked blend of the yolk and different fixings. The glass is put in a bowl of heated water to keep its temperature.

egg coffee at giang cafe

Whatever the time passes by, the espresso is really scrumptious blended by the entire materials as eggs, drain, espresso that you will discover them so stunning and remarkable. The egg season is extremely fat, the espresso enhance are extremely both fragrant and intense. Be that as it may, the most vital factor that make Giang Café exceptional and not the same as different eateries is the equation how to quantify precisely the settled measure of eggs and espresso and the best approach to blend them splendidly that will diminish greatest the egg sickness.

Pho Co Café (Old Quarter Coffee Shop) – 11 Hang Hai street (4th floor)

The Old Quarter Café is exceptionally straightforward however draw in a great deal of guests when they are in Hanoi. This is on account of not just it is situated on the most well known road (Hang Gai) with a superb view to Hoan Kiem Lake yet in addition has its own particular appeal of Vietnamese old architecture. This is a mutual place of various families, which you can perceived while you investigate every room aside, a large portion of them looks restricted and loaded with antiquated furniture with complex wooden carvings and dark white photographs from the most recent century on the dividers. The yard of the bistro is very extensive in examination with the minor space of the Old Quarter. The house is made generally by wood and keeps their unique looks of the antiquated Hanoi with a mystery mezzanine for worshiping and a beguiling middle landing.

old quarter cafe hanoi

The high and soak staircase drives guests to the following floors, which are included later for business and don’t have old excellence any longer yet offers a shocking perspective over Hoan Kiem Lake. The thin and dim rear way ends up leading us to the colossal outside. Simply some provincial stools are sufficient to keep it occupied all the day. The view to Hoan Kiem lake is so staggering, worth to attempt.

Trung Nguyen – Highland Coffee

Having gone through two antique and retro coffee shop, it’s time to try something new, a little bit modern but still cute. Your last stop should be Highland Coffee – the local version of Starbucks. Pop into Trung Nguyen Cafe beside Hoan Kiem Lake, here you can enjoy any kind of espresso or cappuccino, as well as Italian sodas, snacks, sandwiches, pizzas, and good breakfasts, all while looking out over the Opera House or watching the hustle and flow of traffic below.. It’s a great place between the Hilton Hotel and the Hanoi Opera House.

highland coffee hanoi