Ba Vi National Park

Ba Vi National Park is only about 60km from Hanoi, with vegetation diversity, fresh and cool air will be a great weekend outing trip for families and young people who want to escape from the bustling of capital city. Coming to the Mount Ba Vi, you can enjoy the fresh air while camping or trekking, those who love photography will also be passionate about because the scenery is very beautiful with outstanding places such as pine forests, ancient church…

ba vi national park

When to go?

Summer and autumn – from April to November, is the best time you should travel to Ba Vi mountain. Because, the summer atmosphere in the city is very hot and stuffy, but just setting foot on Ba Vi, you will feel like stepping into a completely different world: fresh air, cool and especially very quiet. You should pay attention to avoid rainy days because ramps, slippery and very easy to fall. In the winter, it is cold and foggy, which will affect your vision. However, winter on Ba Vi also has its own beauty, just if you like to go, you can pick up your backpack and go to Ba Vi.

What to see?

Ba Vi National Park is a place not to be missed for those who love to explore and adventure. Take just 1-day tour to Ba Vi, you can have enough time to visit the following locations:

  • Cactus Garden or Cactus Greenhouse: This place has more than 1200 different species of cacti, from small, lovely types to thorny, giant cactus types.
  • Pine Hill: Located on cote 400, following the road from the gate to about 500m, the pine forest is really peaceful and cool. The vast of the hill leads visitors to a magical land. This is a great camping getaway after a long day trekking.
  • The old church is located at an altitude of 800m, in the middle of the old forest canopy. Ba Vi mountain was previously chosen as a resort area by the French, so there are many remnants of the French era such as orphanages, political prison areas, summer camps … Among them, the old church more popular and now accessible for tourists. Although the interior was almost destroyed, the church frame still retains its basic shape. The walls of moss and branches have crept along, creating a mystery for the ancient church of Ba Vi National Park. This is a place that attracts young people to take beautiful photos.
  • Thuong Temple: (also known as the Main Palace of the Shrine) is the place to worship the Holy Mount Tan Vien. The way up to Thuong temple is quite an interesting challenge. Thuong Temple is located at the top of Ba Vi mountain with the height of 1,227 m, if you want to come to Thuong temple, you have to climb about 500 steps. For sure the spectacle above will not disappoint you. The green of the mountains and forests mixed with the blue of the sky, the colors of the rivers and lakes were hidden behind the white clouds.
ba vi national park
ba vi national park
ba vi national park
ba vi national park

Ba Vi National Park has also many other attractions such as Ngoc Hoa cave, ancient Bach Xanh population, Bao Thien tower… If you have time, you should visit these points to get the most complete experience in Ba Vi.

Ba Vi National Park is always an ideal weekend picnic place for those who want to escape from the bustling and crowded capital city.