B-52 Victory Museum Hanoi

The B-52 Victory Museum Hanoi is the great pride of Hanoi people in particularly and of Vietnamese people in generally. If you visit Hanoi, you should not miss this interesting historical destination to learn more about our military history and victory.

The B-52 Victory museum was inaugurated on January 10, 1986 and has been upgraded and completed in December 2012 on the occasion of 40 years victory of the “Hanoi – Dien Bien Phu in the air”. During the 12 days and nights of the 1972 Campaign “Hanoi-Dien Bien Phu in the Air”, the Vietnamese Air Defense Force shot down 81 aircrafts, including 34 B52, forced the US to sit down at the negotiation table to sign the Paris Agreement in 1973 and pull out of Vietnam. Today, after 40 years, most of reminders of that operation are exhibiting in the B-52 Victory Museum Hanoi: weapons, images, documents, wreckage and many other things that praise the cunning and creative mind of Hanoi’s troops and its residents.

Area for the display in the museum is 1500m2. This is a regional referral construction, maturity of the capital, armed forces over the period, including 12 days with special emphasis on nights fighting fiercely with the capital’s air victories of the Union “Red Star” The statistics table, especially pictures of the ruins of Hanoi after the bombing raids to places has come into history: Kham Thien street, Bach Mai Hospital, Hanoi train station … In addition, the campus also has room display Marquette general interests of the evolutions in the air battle of Dien Bien Phu. Area of approximately 200m2 this room, represented by three-dimensional space, recreate the neighborhood terrain, the battlefield air defense and fall of the B52 aircraft. This is where recreated historical moments of Hanoi’s most impressiveness.

For the outdoor exhibition, the most prominent thing is the evidence of the disastrous U.S.: a B52 of 48,07m wreck, wingspan of 56.42 m and many other aircraft debris. Just take a few minutes walking to the Huu Tiep lake nearby, you will see the exact point where such giant B52 fell at night Dec 27, 1972. This lake is also the only one place that still preserves a part of the B52 remnants until now in Hanoi City. People often call it “B-52 lake”.

Not only displaying, recreating heroic history military of Hanoi during the years of fierce war, the museum is also a place to welcome many US veterans and Vietnamese ex-servicemen coming here to recall their deep memories of the war taken place more than 40 years ago.

Opening time: 8.00AM – 11.30AM and 13.30PM-16.30PM every day except for Monday and Friday.
Location: 157 Doi Can Street, Ba Dinh district, Hanoi.
Entrance fee: 30,000vnd/ticket