Street food Hanoi

Hanoi was listed in the top 10 walking tours for globetrotting foodies by Those loving street food will have to plan their Hanoi tours well to enjoy the specialties offered by the capital city.

Street food hanoi

To enjoy Hanoi street food tour you should begin at the bustling Chau Long market in Hanoi’s labyrinthine Old Quarter before visiting places that serve local street food, including Pho Bo (beef noodle soup), robust Banh Xeo (egg crepes), and gossamer-light Banh Cuon, (steamed rice crepes filled with minced pork, shallots and mushrooms)

Hanoi street food

Later, the tour should end at Café Duy Tri, located at 43A Yen Phu Street in Tay Ho District for a special flavor, Sua Chua Ca Phe (coffee with yoghurt) or Ca Phe Trung (coffee with eggs), in order to discover the Hanoi coffee culture, which is, according to caffeine – loving travel writer Leif Pettersen, one of the best and most distinctive coffee cultures in the world.

Hanoi street food

The top 10 Hanoi street foods you should not miss, including Pho, Bun Cha (grilled pork noodle), Bun Rieu Cua (freshwater crab noodles), barbecue chicken (grilled chicken wings and feet), and Xoi (sticky rice with crushed peanuts and sesame salt).